Dreamee Dog's Coloring Pages

As a talented artist, it’s Dreamee Dog’s mission to create new and exciting coloring pages. Dress her up for Christmas, color placemats for Thanksgiving, celebrate Chinese New Year, make a Valentine for your sweetheart, or color your favorite book. Word searches and dot-to-dot pages celebrate the seasons. The images below contain a link to the coloring page booklets. They are in an Adobe PDF format. Click on an image to download and print a booklet. Color and display your art work. Have fun!SHOP & SAVE 20% Everyday!

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Dreamee Dog Visits Idaho - find Marvin Martian's rocket ship!
Visit Idaho
Dreamee Dog Visits Nebraska - where are the fossil beds?
Visit Nebraska
Dreamee Dog Visits Indiana - great fun at the Indianapolis Children's Museum!
Visit Indiana
Art Nouveau celebrates the beauty of nature in objects of art - paintings, printmaking, glass vases, and leaded glass objects.
Art Nouveau Egg Artistry
Dreamee Dog had great fun riding the carousel; she didn't want to leave.
Visit Rhode Island
Dreamee Dog wanted to swim with the sea creatures at the National Aquarium, but she knew it was not permitted. She did have fun watching the fish swim.
Visit Maryland
Dreamee Dog won first place in her field trials. She picked blackberries and especially enjoyed the purple octopus.
Visit Alabama
Extra Crispy Fried Chicken, corvettes, Daniel Boone, Stephen Foster, and strange Green Men from space!
Visit Kentucky
Super Heroes rock! Grab your crayons and color the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Super Heroes IV
Giant monsters, things from outer space, strange creatures, Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde appear in this month's coloring pages.
1960s Horror Movies
Dreamee Dog salutes America's Military Academies - Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine.
America's Military Academies
Dreamee Dog's Christmas coloring pages from 2012 to 2018, includes Star Wars in 2015. (See paragraph below for links.)
Christmas 2012-2018

Dreamee Dog loves Christmas. She has been a very good puppy this year and knows Santa will bring her lots of fun toys. Santa's B-Team ReindeerShe can't wait for all the good smells of Christmas and all the beautiful decorations. Did you know she has a dog Nativity Set under a tree full of puppy ornaments? Dreamee Dog just knows you'll enjoy all of her coloring pages while you wait for Santa to deliver your gluten-free goodies. She couldn't decide which coloring pages she wanted to show off, so she's decorating her house with all of them. Learn about Santa's B-Team Reindeer (2012), make Christmas Ornaments (2013), celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas (2014), decorate for Christmas (2016), read Christmas Classics (2017), and find your favorite Christmas Sweater (2018). Don't forget to get ready for the new Star Wars movie (2015)! Now, Dreamee Dog is going to curl up on her dog bed for a long winter's nap.

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