Take Your Dog / Daughter / Son To Work Today

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April 25, 2013

Tucson, Ariz. - April 25, 2013 - Take your daughter or son to work today and share what makes your job so special. Your child will benefit from the experience by being exposed to other adults and will learn the value of hard work. They might be inspired by your career. Their future is filled with "Endless Possibilities."

Yummee Yummee applauds parents that involve their children in their careers. It's a great opportunity to learn about work, jobs, money, and personal relationships at home and work. And perhaps most importantly, it gives your children some appreciation of why you work and your day-to-day challenges.

Even the Dreamee Dog thinks it is a great idea . . . and she asked, "What about dogs? Dogs have jobs. Why not have a take your dog to work day?" For example, Dreamee Dog is an expert gluten-free taste tester; assistant art director at photo shoots; an artist with a critical eye for her coloring and activity pages; and reads constantly to develop new recipes and marketing ideas.

Yummee Yummee agrees with the Dreamee Dog. She's learning new and advanced skills in the office today, between naps. Dreamee Dog is getting more education about computers; websites; the Internet; email; Twitter; Facebook; and the importance of social networking. She wants to know how to stay in touch with her fans - follow her on Twitter; like Yummee Yummee on Facebook; join her on Pinterest; and watch her videos on her YouTube channel because great tasting gluten-free food is her life!

An important part of the "workday experience" is sharing. Have your child share their experiences from today with other family members, their friends, and even your pet. Yummee Yummee hopes your daughter or son enjoyed their trip to work. After a long day at work, even youngsters need to unwind. Download Dreamee Dog's coloring and activity pages for a quiet break. Join in - it's a great stress reliever. While you are visiting the Yummee Yummee website, try one of our free recipes for dinner. As our "Seasoned Chicken and Rice" recipe bakes in the oven, spend time with your child talking about your busy day.

With her newly developed Internet skills, Dreamee Dog discovered TYDTW Day, Take Your Dog To Work Day, is June 21, 2013. She knows her people miss her when they are gone. So, it's a great idea. Don't forget dog treats!

Take Your Dog / Daughter / Son To Work Today

Take Your Dog / Daughter / Son To Work Today

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